KEH-721 Electronic Hygrometer
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With the KEH-721, a human hair sensor detects expansions and contractions caused by changes in relative humidity. These changes are transmitted to a differential transformer and converted to an electric voltage. A translator then adjusts the voltage to a specified level corresponding to the relative humidity to create the KEH-721 output. The KEH-721 can be connected to a recorder, printer, or the like.

Measurement range 0-100%
Accuracy ±5%
Translator output 100 mV & 1 V AC (4-20 mA also possible)
Power source 100 V AC
Standard components Sensor, translator (translator is optional)
Note that a plug-in translator module is available when the translator
is to be used for comprehensive measurements.
Size/weight Sensor: approx. 165 × 111 × 250 mm, 3 kg