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KPC-1000 Meteorological Monitoring Device
KPC-5000 Meteorological Data Processor
KPC-300 Meteorological Data Logger
KPC-500 Meteorological Data Logger
KPC-600 Meteorological Data Logger


Logger System w/Wind Speed/Direction
KPC-60 Logger System w/Anemometer
KPC-61 Logger System w/Extensometer & Rain Gauge
KPC-62 Logger System w/Water Level & Rain Gauges
KPC-63 Logger System w/Wind Speed/Direction Sensor & Rain Gauge
DP-100 Digital Data Display
W8/W6 Series Propeller-type Wind Speed/Direction Sensors (Incl. Output)
W614-Z1 Propellre-type Wind Speed/Direction Sensors
(Potentiometer 10k)
W832, W835 Propeller-type Low-speed
Wind Speed/Direction Sensors
KWDH-1 Heated Propeller-type Wind Speed/
Direction Sensor
KWDH-2 Heater for Propeller-type
Wind Speed/Direction Sensor
W21 Compact Wind Speed Sensor
D24-1 Compact Wind Direction Sensor
KPC-2000 Wind Speed/Direction Monitoring System
KWV-614 Large Digital Wind Vane/Anemometer
KWR-500 Low-speed Wind Vane/Anemometer
KWR-600 Low-speed Wind Vane/Anemometer
KWR-631 Propeller-type Recording Wind Vane/
Anemometer (3-Element)
KWR-631-T90 Propeller-type Recording Wind Vane/
Anemometer (3-Element)
KWR-625 Propeller-type Recording Wind Vane/Anemometer (Wide)
KWR-621 Propeller-type Recording Wind Vane/
KWV-611 Propeller-type Indicating Wind Vane/
KWD-77-1 Propeller-type Indicating Wind Vane/
Anemometer w/Alert Function
KWV613-L Propeller-type Indicating Wind Vane/
Anemometer (Marine-use)
KWD-774 Propeller-type Indicating Wind Vane/
Anemometer (Marine-use)
KWV-211 Digital Display Wind Vane/Anemometer
KWR-524 Direct Recording Wind Vane/Anemometer
KWB Series Propeller-type Wind Vane/
Anemometer System (Breeze Vane)
W11-J4@W11-E1 Cup-type Anemometer Sensors
(Incl. Output)
KWS-11 Cup-type Indicating Anemometer
KWS-21 Compact Cup-type Indicating Anemometer
KW-90 Cup-type Digital Indicating Anemometer
KW-71-1 Cup-type Indicating Anemometer
w/Alarm Function
KW-71-2 Indicating Anemometer with
Dual Alarm Function
KW-71-3 Anemometer with Alarm Function
KW-71-4 Anemometer with Three-stage
Alarm Function
KWR-112 Cup-type Recording Anemometer
W-14 Cup-type Wind Run Sensor
KWR-122 Cup-type Recording Anemometer (Two-element)
W-13 Cup-type Pulse Wind Speed Sensor
W-41 Handheld Indicating Anemometer
W-419 Handheld Indicating Anemometer
(w/Wind Vane)
KWAB-736 Biram-type Remote Indicating Anemometer
KWS-31 Compact Basic Anemometer
W91-1 Industrial-use Anemometer
W92 Anemometer for use in Tunnels
R1-5 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Sensor
KEM-734 Recording Contact Counter
KEM-714 Recording Contact Counter
(Long-term Monitoring)
KBM-723 Bimetal Heliograph Sensor
KSP-55 Eppley Pyrheliometer Sensor
KSP-60 Pyrheliometer Translator
Mounting Poles @
KH-716 Combination Meteorograph
(Temperature & Humidity)
KH-810 Recording Thermometer/Hygrometer
(Long-term Dual Time Period)
KP-11 Assmann Psychrometer
KP-20 Assmann Psychrometer
KP-25 Assmann Psychrometer (Motor-driven)
KET-710 Electronic Thermometer
KEH-721 Electronic Hygrometer
KA-717 Recording Barograph (Mid-sized)
KA-719 Long-term Recording Barograph
KA-711 Indicating Aneroid Barometer (8B Type)
KEA-718 Electronic Barometer
KA-715 Recording Barometer (Marine-use)
KUW-753 Underground Water Level Gauge
(8-Day Chart)
KUW-743 Underground Water Level Gauge
(Long-term Chart)
KUW-62 Pressure Sensor for
Water Level Gauge
KC-200 Electronic Price-type Current Meter
KC-220 Electronic Price-type Current Meter
(For Use in Pipes)
KRE Series Extensometers
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