Our planet
provides us with the ideal place
for us to live our lives.
However, natural conditions can change
suddenly and wreak havoc in
our formerly safe havens.
Through the ages, people have
achieved prosperity by
learning to deal with these natural events.
But in the pursuit of ever greater riches,
we today are causing the destruction
of our natural environment.

We at Komatsu Factory Co., Ltd.
believe that in order to preserve the irreplaceable legacy of our planet's environment
for future generations,
we must strive to find a way to live in harmony with our world.
Komatsu Factory Co., Ltd. hopes
to make a positive contribution
toward that goal with its manufacture
of meteorological observation instruments.

From simple sensors to complete
data logger systems, our expertise
gained over long years of experience
allows us to produce equipment
that provides consistent and accurate
data collection for any environment
on our planet.

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