KPC-2000 Wind Speed/Direction
Monitoring System
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The KPC-2000 system uses an RS-422 digital signal from a wind speed and direction sensor output to a personal computer to display wind speed and direction information and generate daily and monthly charts. The KPC-2000 system also allows for the setting of two separate wind speed alerts, which notify a user with both visual and audio cues when wind speed exceeds the alert settings.
Wind speed/direction sensor
Model Brushless encoder
Speed sensor Propeller: optical pulse-type (60 pulses/rev)
Direction sensor Vane: rotary encoder (8-bit)
Digital output RS-422
Startup threshold Low-speed sensor: less than 0.4 m/s
High-speed sensor: less than 2 m/s
Weatherability Winds of 90 m/s or greater
Speed High-speed: ±0.5 m/s @ winds of 10 m/s or less; ±5% @ winds greater than 10 m/s
Low-speed: ±0.3 m/s @ winds of 5 m/s or less; ±5% @ winds greater than 5 m/s
Direction ±5°
Power source 12 V DC (10 to 13.5 V), 250 mA or less
Usage conditions -10 to 50°C
Connector 12-pole waterproof, cord diameter 8.5-10.5
Propeller Polycarbonate resin
Body Polycarbonate resin
Vane FRP (glass fiber-reinforced polyester resin)
Paint Munsell color 8YR 7.3/1.3
Inspections In-house or Japan Meteorological Agency
The transducer provides power to the sensor and converts the RS-422 signal to an RS-232C signal.
Input signal RS-422
Output signal RS-232C
Power output 12 V DC (supplied to the sensor)
Power source 100 V AC 10VA