KPC-300 Meteorological Data Logger
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The KPC-300 is designed to collect data for direct input to a personal computer. At 10-minute intervals, the KPC-300 obtains data for eight different inputs, including wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, geothermal temperature, and cumulative snowfall. Data is then stored on an internal memory. Stored data is converted into an RS232C signal and directly output to a personal computer. Installing the specially designed software on the computer allows for automatic data collection every 10 minutes. The KPC-300 includes a monitoring function that provides display of continuous, real-time monitoring of wind direction and speed, as well as generation of graphs and daily or monthly reports. The KPC-300 also maintains text data at 10-minute intervals. Data collection is also possible via modem or mobile telephone.

Inputs Up to eight: wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity, precipitation, geothermal temperature, RS232C, cumulative snowfall, ultrasound wind speed, 0-1 V DC inputs (atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, etc.)
Sampling times 0.25 s or more (adjustable)
Records Every 10 min
Output RS232C for personal computer
RS232C for digital indicator
Analog 0-1 V (optional)
Processing options Maximum, mean, minimum, startup values, standard deviation available as option for wind speed/direction
LED Two 20-character lines, menu screen steup, data monitor, clock display
Cont. recording Approx. 20 days
Power source 100 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, equipped to deal with power outages
Usage conditions Temperature: -20 to 40°C, Humidity: 20 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Software Windows98, Me, NT, 2000
Includes automatic data collection at 10-min intervals, real-time monitoring, graph processing (daily/monthly reports, saving of text data at 10-min intervals)
Size/weight Approx. 240 × 200 × 80 mm, 3.5 kg