KPC-63 Logger System with
Wind Speed/Direction Sensor & Rain Gauge

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Thanks to its excellent energy-saving properties, the alkaline battery-powered KPC-63 can be used to reliably record wind speed and direction data over an extended time period even where there is no commercial-level power source.  The measured data is recorded to internal flash memory, from where it is easily collected via mobile or landline telephone or satellite links.  Further, because data is so easily collected, analyzing data and generating daily, monthly, or yearly reports and graphs is easier than ever before.  Equipped to reliably operate at temperatures between -20°C and 40°C, the KPC-63 is ideal for a variety of commercial, industrial, and research uses.
Logger system
Model KPC-63
Input Wind speed/direction, precipitation
Accuracy }0.1%FS
Recording intervals 1 to 60 minutes
Memory Flash memory
Output RS-232C
IC card Compact flash memory card
Applicable sensors Precipitation: tipping bucket rain gauge
Wind direction: potentiometer
Wind speed: DC generator
Display LCD 16 characters × 2 lines
Power source AA alkaline batteries; external 12 V DC also possible
Usage conditions -20 to 40 °C (non-condensing)
Size Approx. 160 × 180 × 50 mm
Weight Approx. 1.3 kg
Wind speed/direction sensor
Model W674-P1 propeller-type sensor
Measurement range 2 to 60 m/s
Weatherability Winds of 90 m/s or greater
Speed sensor Propeller-type AC generator (for high-speed winds)
Propeller-type DC generator (for low-speed winds)
Direction sensor Potentiometer-type vane, serial 5K (for high-speed winds)
Potentiometer-type vane, serial 10K (for low-speed winds)
Speed output 0-1 V DC at winds of 0 to 60 m/s
Direction output 0-1 V DC at 0-360
Rain gauge
Model R1-5
Inlet diameter 200 o
Single-tip volume 0.5 o