KW-71-2 Indicating Anemometer
with Dual Alarm Function
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The KW-71-2 includes a sensor and an indicator unit that displays instantaneous wind speed. The indicator is an optical meter relay, and can be set to sound an initial alarm buzzer when wind speed exceeds user-defined speed H1, and a second alarm buzzer when instantaneous wind speed exceeds user-defined speed H2.
Startup threshold Less than 2 m/s
Weatherability Winds of 90 m/s or greater
Generator AC generator
Output 30 V AC ±1 V at 60 m/s
Wind speed indicator w/alarm function
Model Rectifying voltmeter with wide-angle
display dial in 110 × 110 mm panel
Alarm buzzer unit LED photo-transistor
Scale 2-60 m/s in 1 m/s increments
Accuracy ±0.5 m/s at winds of 10 m/s or less
±5% at winds greater than 10 m/s
Alarm setting range Speed H1 0-93% of total dial range
Speed H2 3-100% of total dial range
Alarm output Connection ON and OFF (no voltage)
Alarm relay connection capacitance 200 V AC 5A (resistance load)
Power source 100 V AC ±10%
Size/weight Sensor: approx. 304 mm diam. × 353 mm, 1 kg
Indicator: approx. 110 × 110 × 165 mm, 1.0 kg