KW-71-4 Anemometer with
Three-stage Alarm Function
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The KW-71-4 is an anemometer device that sounds an alarm at three separate alarm speed values. First, an electrical signal with a voltage proportional to the detected wind speed is received from a generator-type wind speed sensor. When the input voltage reaches a predetermined alarm speed value, a relay is triggered by a voltage comparator to sound the alarm buzzer.
1. Has three different alarm levels
2. Includes a blown fuse alarm signal
3. Can be run on either AC or DC power
4. Can be connected to a recorder or indicator device
Alarm speed values 15 m/s, 20 m/s, 25 m/s (standard)
Alarm types 15 m/s: white lamp, no buzzer
20 m/s: orange lamp, intermittent buzzer
25 m/s: red lamp, continuous buzzer
Alarm circuit operation
Stop Alarm stops automatically when wind speed falls below alarm level for 10 seconds or more.
Buzzer switch Switch to OFF to stop buzzer.
Buzzer volume control Control volume by turning volume knob.
Blown fuse signal When a fuse (AC or DC) is blown on any circuit, an ON signal is detected at the contact.
Power 100 V AC ±10% or 24 V DC
If unit is connected to both AC and DC power sources, it will automatically switch to draw on DC power source in event of AC power source failure.