KWAB-736 Biram-type Remote
Indicating Anemometer
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The KWAB-736 is designed for monitoring mainly low-speed winds. The rotation of the fan mounted around the generator unit is converted into a voltage and transmitted to the indicator. Using the following equation, the KWAB-736 can also be used in calculating air flow. Wind speed (m/s) × area (m²) = air flow (m³/s)

Sensor Fan-type 4-pole coreless AC generator
Indicator Rectifying voltmeter
Measurement range 1-10 m/s (can be made for up to 15 m/s)
Accuracy ±1.0 m/s at winds of 5 m/s or less
±10% at winds greater than 5 m/s
Power source Not required
Size/weight Sensor: approx. 100 mm diam., 0.37 kg