KWDH-2 Heater for Propeller-type
Wind Speed/Direction Sensor
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The KWDH-2 heater prevents the wind direction sensor part of a propeller-type wind vane/anemometer unit from freezing. Because both the heater and the heater cable are mounted externally on the wind vane/anemometer, there is no need to change internal setup, which means the KWDH-2 can be used on any resin-body sensor made by Komatsu Factory.
Heater module
Components 1 heated sensor for wind vane
1 connector box (with built-in thermostat)
Heater Capacity: approx. 9.3 W
Power source: 100 V AC
Thermostat 60C
ON temperature: approx. 6°C
OFF temperature: approx. 16°C
Capacity: 125 V AC 6 A