KWR-112 Cup-type Recording Anemometer
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The KWR-112 records instantaneous wind speeds using a cup-type wind speed sensor and a recorder unit.

Sensor Cup-type 4-pole coreless AC generator
Recorder Servo, arc-writing cartridge pen
Measurement range 2-60 m/s instantaneous speed
Accuracy ±0.5 m/s at winds of 10 m/s or less
±5% at winds greater than 10 m/s
Weatherability Winds of 90 m/s or greater
Power source 100 V AC
Standard components Sensor, recorder
Size/weight Sensor: approx. 304 mm diam. × 353 mm, 1.0 kg
Recorder: approx. 310 × 280 × 310 mm, 12 kg
Note: For locations with no power source, use KWR-111 cup-type recording anemometer (with siphon-type pen).