KWR-631 Propeller-type Recording
Wind Vane/Anemometer (3-Element)
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The KWR-631 records both instantaneous and average wind speeds and wind direction, which can be switch-selected for either instantaneous or average. Data is cleanly recorded using cartridge pens, avoiding smearing and smudging common with siphon-type pens. A servo drives the drum, providing the torque needed for reliable operation on boats or in other situations where motion is a factor. A terminal jack on the rear of the recorder unit allows for convenient connection to a wind speed and direction indicator. Meanwhile, the rear of the unit also has terminal jacks for providing a separate analog signal (0-1 V) for each element.
Propeller-type wind speed/direction sensor (W611)
Speed component Propeller-type AC generator
Direction component Synchro motor vane
Wind run sensor 60 m wind run, electric contact output
Startup threshold Less than 2 m/s
Weatherability Winds of greater than 90 m/s
Three-element recorder (WR7110)
Recording method Arc-writing cartridge pens
Pen drive Servo
Chart paper Scroll-type
Recorded range Instantaneous speed: 0-60 m/s
Average speed: 0-50 m/s
Direction: 16 cardinal points or 540° (instantaneous or average)
Chart width Instantaneous speed: 90 mm
Average speed: 60 mm
Direction 60 mm
Accuracy Speed: ±0.5 m/s at winds of 10 m/s or less; ±5% at winds greater than 10 m/s
Direction: ±5°