Propeller-type Indicating
Wind Vane/Anemometers (Marine-use)
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The KWV-613-L and the KWD-774 are propeller-type wind vane/anemometer units developed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of marine use. They enjoy popularity with both our domestic and overseas customers. The KWD-774 features 0-110 unit wide-angle readouts that are easier to read than conventional displays.
Sensors Propeller: 4-pole coreless AC generator
Vane: AC synchro motor
Indicators Speed component: rectifying voltmeter
Direction component: AC synchro motor
Measurement range Instantaneous speed: 2-60 m/s
Direction: 16 cardinal points
Accuracy Speed: ±0.5 m/s at winds of 10 m/s or less; ±5% at winds greater than 10 m/s
Direction: ±5°
Power source Speed components: not required
Direction components: 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Size/weight Sensor: approx. 510 × 600 mm, 3.0 kg
Indicator: approx. 280 × 200 × 180 mm, 4.2 kg