e-School Weather Station
The e-School Weather Station allows students to experience the excitement of weather monitoring with the same high level of precision used by professional meteorologists. A wind speed and direction sensor, a thermometer, a hygrometer, and a rain gauge are set up on school grounds. Data collected by the sensors is relayed in real time to a dedicated personal computer, which collates and stores the data. Any computer connected to this weather station computer via the school LAN can then be used to access the e-School Weather Station data.
The included application software allows users to manipulate data to generate and display graphs. Users can also generate and print daily and monthly charts with the software.
The collected data is ideal for use by instructors in class projects. Instructors can also use the stored data to create new teaching materials. This quality tool is an excellent addition to any school's repertoire of teaching materials.
Data collected by the e-School Weather Station can also be shared with a broader audience. The system can automatically generate an Internet-ready meterological information page when data is collected and transfer that page to a Web server within the school network. At the same time, an e-School Weather Message can also be automatically generated and transmitted to registered e-mail addresses. By sharing e-School Weather Station information via the Internet with local residents, ward fire and disaster prevention authorities, and the school board central server, a school can exhance its role within the community.

Weather Observation Sensor on School Grounds
Wind Speed/Direction
Instrument Shelter
Rain Gauge
Data Logger
Storage of measured data
Transmission of data in RS232C format to PC inside school building
Barometer and heliograph also available as optional equipment.
Meteorological Data Transmission/Manipulation/Storage System
In-school PC
(new or existing unit)
Connection to
in-school LAN hub
System Features

  1. Automated data communications with data logger
  2. Data manipulation and storage
  3. Automatic generation and transmission to in-school Web server of Internet-ready page
  4. Automatic generation and transmission to in-school mail server of e-School Weather Message
  5. Display of data for use in assignments (separate displays for instructor use and student use)
* Specific details of items 3-5 are designed in consultation with school staff.
In-school hub
School LAN
Additional PCs
Data server
Web server
FTP server
Instructor PC
Display of meteorological data
Creation of teaching materials
Student PC
Simple data display
Classtime weather observation

Internet connection
Local residents' PCs
To ABC Elementary School's Web server weather site

Open access to
observed weather conditions
Ward Fire & Disaster Prevention Section PC
e-mail monitoring

e-School Weather Message analysis
Manipulation of observed meteorological data
Use in ward disaster prevention activities
School Board PC
e-mail monitoring

Transfer of observed data to central server for school meteorological observatories
Collection of observed meteorological data for all schools in ward
Exchange of observed meteorological data between schools

A Elementary School LAN
B Junior High School LAN
C Elementary School LAN

Sample e-School Weather Message
(Transmission of data from previous six measurements)