Anemometers perfect for personal use!
With these easy-to-use, affordable anemometers,
anyone can track wind speed and direction.

KWS-31 Basic Compact Anemometer
The lightweight plastic sensor
can be installed anywhere,
allowing for easy, enjoyable weather monitoring.
KWS-21 Compact Cup-type Indicating Anemometer
Setup is a breeze with this small, lightweight sensor.
KW-90 Cup-type Digital Indicating Anemometer
The easy-to-read digital indicator can display
10-minute wind speed averages.
W41 and W419 Handheld Indicating Anemometers/Wind Vanes



Hold in your hand or mount on a simple tripod
for easy wind monitoring.
KWAB-736 Biram-type Remote Indicating Anemometer
Can measure the gentlest breeze, and is perfect
for measuring air movement inside ductwork.