Heavy Rain Monitoring System
for Populated Areas
These systems, which provide automated monitoring of rainfall intensity, are specifically designed for timely, reliable operation in an urban environment. AMeDAS data released by the Japanese Meterological Agency is a measurement of total rainfall for the previous hour, but that one-hour time lag can result in a corresponding lag in preventing disasters resulting from flooding.
With a rooftop-mounted digital rain gauge, Komatsu Factory Co.'s systems are configured to provide timely information right where it's needed. Rainfall intensity (10-minute precipitation) is accurately monitored around the clock, and the latest information and any pertinent alarm data are displayed on-screen.
Precipitation data measured by the rain gauge is converted into digital format and automatically stored by a data logger. The data logger and a personal computer are directly connected using RS232C format. Rainfall intensity data is transmitted every 10 minutes from the data logger to the PC, which collates and records data and triggers an alert or alarm when necessary.
Monitoring screen displays are also automatically updated with each transfer of data.

Digital Rain Gauge
Rooftop installation

       Pulse data
Rainfall Intensity Monitoring System Display

 On-site Disaster Prevention Monitoring Center

Data Logger
Data stored in internal memory
AC/DC power
Records 2 elements
Monitoring PC
Monitoring system display/alarm
Direct RS232C connection