Weather Monitoring
Network System
Komatsu Factory Co.'s Weather Monitoring Network System is ideal for use as a subsystem in disaster prevention, environmental monitoring, or other similar applications. This integrated system automatically collects and manages meteorological data at a given location. Included in the system are meteorological observation sensors (standard components: wind speed/direction sensor, rain gauge, thermometer, and hygrometer), a data logger, a personal computer, and application software for data collection, management, and display. The Weather Monitoring Network System can also be set up to automatically collect via public telephone lines precipitation data from digital rain gauges located at multiple observation sites. The collected data can be displayed on-screen, and used to generate and print daily, monthly, or yearly charts.
Meteorological Observation Sensors
(Located at main observation station)
Precipitation Monitoring Sites
wind vane

Optional equipment such as barometer, etc.
Rain Gauge
Site A Rain Gauge Site B Rain Gauge Site C Rain Gauge

@@@@Data Logger

@@@@Data Logger

@@@@Data Logger
Direct Connection
Connection via
public telephone lines or
ISDN network
System Devices
Data Logger Personal Computer Printer Modem

Terminal adapter for system-wide rain gauge data communications
System Features Options
  1. System uses devices of proven quality (certified by the Japanese Meteorological Agency).
  2. Reliable data collection with temporary storage on data logger
  3. More than 10 years of data can be stored on PC hard disk.
  4. Meteorological monitoring application software is easy to use.
  5. Real-time weather monitoring can even include an alert/alarm function.
  6. Display and printing of daily, monthly, and yearly charts using current or past data
  7. System can be added to exising LAN, with access to data possible from any LAN terminal.
  8. Data-sharing with existing LAN possible with use of Windows NT Server or the like as the OS for Weather Monitoring Network System PC.
  9. Display of meteorological data as a Web page possible via existing LAN or through an ISP Web server.
  10. Data transfer to a digital meteorological data display device
* Items 7 to 10 are optional features.
Ethernet RS232C TCP-IP
User LAN
Meteorological Data
Digital Display Device
To Web server,
Mail server,
FTP server


Release of data to general public
Transfer of data
to external server
Message transmission
to mail server

Real-time monitoring of weather conditions