KWV-611 Propeller-type Indicating
Wind Vane/Anemometer
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The KWV-611 provides a user with real-time values for instantaneous wind speed and direction by transmitting a signal from the pole-mounted sensor outdoors to an indicator located indoors.
Propeller-type wind speed/direction sensor (W611)
Speed component Propeller-type AC generator
Direction component Synchro motor vane
Wind run sensor 60 m wind run, electric contact output (optional)
Startup threshold Less than 2 m/s
Weatherability Winds of 90 m/s or greater
Speed output 45 V AC ±1 V at winds of 60 m/s
Materials Vane: glass & polyester resin
Other components: polycarbonate resin
Paint Standard 8YR 7.3/1.3
Weight Approx. 3.0 kg
Wind speed receiver
Model Rectifying voltmeter
Panel size 120 × 110 mm
Scale 2-60 m/s; 1 m/s increments
Wind direction receiver
Model Synchro motor 360° indicator
Panel size 120 × 110 mm
Scale 16 cardinal points
Power source 100 V AC ±10%
Usage conditions -10 to 50°C; 40-85% RH